Sculpture And Site-specific installations. 

The search for subtlety in sculpture has led me to make drawings in space using steel rods, wires, threads and cables, materials that allow me different approaches to think about volume, space and the specific site. These drawings in space, revisiting traditional drawing concepts such as the modulated line, generate shadows and projections that become part of the work, adding new dimensions in the perception of the work. My work finds its references in metro maps and underground networks, inspired by a deep drive towards underground landscapes, the rhythms of the city and also what happens on a social level in that context beyond spaces and architecture. The 3D Map Series, a labyrinthine geometric composition, arises from the relationship we establish with maps as a means to enter a new culture, new social and economic structures, evoking a hidden lattice matrix that unites our space. Rooting is a concept derived from those maps and is linked to the idea of migration: uprooting –from our birthplaces- and rooting towards a new place.