Silvina Soria. About me.

As a child I was always involved in something artistic. Plastic arts, music, theater... to such an extent that in my twenties I had to make a decision to focus on one of these disciplines, although everything was united by the same sensitivity and need for expression. This is how I fully dedicated myself to the Fine Arts career, from a very traditional approach and dabbling in various techniques. In addition, my desire to contribute socially prompted me to teach and produce artistic and cultural events, where I found the opportunity to merge my passion with my desire to impact others.

Today I like to recognize myself as a traveller. Traveller for pleasure, because I like to discover new landscapes and cultures, and a traveller that could drop anchor wherever feels home, with a migrant soul. I was born in a city not so small, but with no "duende", as they say in Spain, and at 18 I went to live in Buenos Aires, where I studied and worked for 10 years. That was my base to tour my country participating in many sculptors symposiums and to give strength to my dream of living on the other side of the pond... for a while. So, in 2009, I went to Paris to participate in an artist residency and then to London. What I thought would only be a few months turned into 10 wonderful years, although without disdaining the frenetic pace of that city. Workshop, first steps in sculptural jewellery, teaching and a non-profit art organization of which I was a project coordinator and director for seven years. These different perspectives and approaches to the art world, as an artist, at an educational level and for cultural dissemination, have given me various tools to develop a global vision with a broad perspective.

2018. Key year, one more. Two artists' residencies in the middle of the mountains, including two weeks of sunrise with birdsong in Sant Joan de Penyagolosa, made me realize that I wanted to live more mornings close to nature. So the time came to make a decision, return to Argentina or find a place in Spain to put down roots. And Valencia appeared on the horizon. Love at first sight. Despite settling down, my travelling spirit persists, offering courses in Barcelona, London, Sardinia and more. This diversity of experiences and sharing my passion in different languages has given me a unique perspective and ability to reach diverse audiences, which is a great motivation for me.

Always open to new challenges, my goal is to spread the magic of art and empower through traditional trades and techniques from a creative perspective. If you are interested in visiting my workshop or joining my courses, do not hesitate to contact me.

And if you want one of my courses in your city, my suitcase is always ready to discover new destinations and share my art!