About me.

Where to start from...? Since a while ago, I have started feeling that I belong a little bit from over there and a little from here, and that my heart has no borders. I was born in Argentina where I got the degree in Fine Arts by 2003. In 2009, after few months spent in precious Paris participating in an artist residency, I moved to London. In these days, or at least before Covid, I live and work between Valencia, London and Buenos Aires.

My training is as an art teacher and sculptor with classic traditional skills plus a lot of steel and welding. Once that I settled down in London I started experimenting with new materials in different sizes and with the fantasy of creating my own jewellery, I started gaining some formal skills on the subject. Today, with the intention of moving further as a designer, producer, jeweller, my own boss, social manager and much more, I open my studio's door to let you into my world, so you can see what I do and also you can acquire the pieces that you most like.

There is something magical in the processes of creation and inspiration that exceeds us as human beings and that is why I do not pretend to define them precisely. I can say that the different collections that I have been creating arise from an interpretation, with artistic license, of the environments in which I find myself. Like the Metropolis Collection, where I work with the idea of ​​urban profiles arising from what was my everyday London landscape during so many years, the Habitat Collection inspired by architecture or the new Constellations collection, nurtured by the immense and starry skies of Valencia.

I am interested in highlighting that most of my pieces are limited editions, in many cases unique pieces, handmade with a lot of love and this is what gives them the imprint of a small piece of art or wearable art. If you have any concerns or want to visit my atelier, do not hesitate to contact me!