Installations. Site-specific

' Rooting' for 'Assembly'. Installation with cables of my series 3D Maps. Oxford Brookes exhibition. Oxford, UK. 2016.

This is a text that Paul Kilsby wrote about my work and defines it very clearly. 'Silvina Soria's installation Rooting articulates a regularised space, clinging to the surfaces of the gallery walls with the discipline of Mercator's projection, colonising this new space in its supple wire and cable grip. Chamaleon and subversive, this installatyion initially masquerades as utilitarian, it disappears back into the gallery walls like a gego into a crack between stones. Her work reveals, with subtle and oblique artistry, the lurking presence of complex rhizome networks of communications behing our walls, above our false ceiling , below our feet, that hidden latticed matrix that binds our space together. She is a cartographer, mapping out with each fresh installation both the overt and covert spatial dynamics of each exact locus.Looking at her installation in the Glass Tank we might be reminded of Harry Beck's iconic map of London Underground from the early 1930's but whereas that represent a radical and elegant conceptual simplification of a complex system, Rooting seems to function rather as its diametric opposite: a radical and elegant problematising of the apparent simplicity of urban communication, whether palpable or virtual: the metrics of alienation. '