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English or Spanish? You choose! No experience needed. 
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NEW!!!    Art Retreat. SCULPTURE. Coming Soon!! Sassari, Sardinia, Italy.

I am delighted to announce my next proyect and share it with you!

This is an unique opportunity to get inspired under the Sardinian sun, working outdoors surrounded by a field of olives trees, and leaving your daily distractions behind to get immersed into three dimensional thinking.

Four days to boost your creativity and produce some art work under the tutoring and advice of artist Silvina Soria. One-to-one support providing regular feedback, critique and constructive advice.

The aim of this 4 days' workshop is to allow yourself to flow in the moment and unleash your creativity from a new perspective. We will discuss different techniques and explore new ways of conceiving sculpture and drawing. We will explore the space, the volume and different types of lines considering the light, shadows and interstices between the lines as part of the work as well. Techniques by addition or subtraction. Modelling with clay, soap carving, or drawing in the space with wire. Demonstrations followed by hands on.

These are tailored workshop so you will have the opportunity to both relax and disconnect from your routine and to connect with your inner expression.

All levels are welcomed. No experience required. Advanced students will work on personal projects and research new techniques and processes.

All daily sessions will start with a 10 minutes meditation, 20 minutes of sharing or writing, followed by an art practice session, nice vegetarian picnic with local eco veggies ( hopefully from the allotment on-site), more hands on practice after lunch and end up with a sharing moment along with a nice local fresh wine and cheese while enjoying the sunset. On the 5th day we will go on a boat trip so you can enjoy some of the marvellous coastline of the beautiful Sardegna and try it's waters. Sunbathing, swimming and visiting one of the beaches of the Ribera dell Corallo .You are welcome to bring your watercolour set if you want to grab the moment and of course, your swimming costume!. 

For more information and programme, please send an email to artsoriasilvina@gmail.com .

Personalized classes so that you learn at your own pace and can create your own jewelry pieces.

Classes in English or Spanish. All levels welcome.

Any time is a good time to start! Check for availability and packs.

Online classes (all year) or face-to-face with materials and anti-Covid protocol included!

In Valencia you have the option of a one-time, weekly or monthly class, you choose! In London bi-monthly, and Buenos Aires annually.

To coordinate special intensive courses somewhere else in the world, and when all this Covid issue is over, do not hesitate to contact me. I always have my suitcase ready with my workshop kit!

Team Building workshops
Team Building workshops

After-office with friends or Team Building sessions. 

Book a different evening with friends or as a session for Team building.

2 hours Sessions. Groups up to 5 people (during Covid restrictions. We keep updating and adapting to this time's conditions. Any doubt?Please do contact me!

Includes: Glass of wine, materials.

Price: 50 Euros.

Lost Wax Technique. Jewellery Course. 

Carving in wax and casting.

Option 1: 

Two classes of 3 hours each. 

Class 1: carving on wax. Create design, carve it and prepare it for casting.

Class 2: process of finishing, sanding and polishing of the piece.

Price: 75 Euros.

See below for buying now!

Option 2: Weekly sessions.

Check below for more information and to get your pack.

Pack of 10 classes of 2 hours each: 240 euros. 

20% extra when you invite a friend for you and your friend!

Do you want to make a different gift?

Now Gift Cards for the value of the course you choose!

You can give it away and use it at any time in 2023!

The ABC of jewelry so you can make your own necklace in a personalized class.

4 hour special!

Introduction to welding technique. Silver preparation. Design, realization and finishing techniques.

And yes ... you will go back home wearing your necklace or with an original gift for whoever you love the most.

- 4 hours of face-to-face inspiration at 60 euros with basic materials included. Silver not included.


- Online class of 4 hours at 40 euros without materials.

If you are just starting, I send you a basic kit of materials directly to your door. Contact me to discuss the options.


If you want to practice your English or Spanish in a more fun and creative way, we do the class in the languaje that you choose!

Contact me to find out days and times or for any other question you may have artsoriasilvina@gmail.com

Art courses, creative and jewellery courses. No experience needed. Original gifts and moments to share with friends.