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Personalized classes so that you learn at your own pace and create your own jewelry pieces.

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Valencia, Barcelona, London and Buenos Aires.

To coordinate special intensive courses somewhere else in the world, do not hesitate to contact me. I always have my suitcase ready to travel!

Spanish, English and Italian. 

If you want to practice your English or Spanish in a more fun and creative way, we do the class in the language that you choose!

Contact me to find out days and times, or for any other question you may have. artsoriasilvina@gmail.com

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Welding for Artists course. July 2022

What a fabulous 3 days. Within the hour of starting we were all melting metal. We rapidly explored cutting, bending, grinding, polishing and mig, and for those who wanted it, stick welds. Silvina is a smooth, confident and cheerful facilitator and she kept us safe and motivated with short team tasks on the first day and individual projects on the following 2 days. It was tiring , but it was the well earnt sort of tiring ! We all left with a 'something we made' that captured the mistakes then successes of our move from novice to welding with so much more confidence. Thank you to all involved.


Welding for Artists course. May 2022

This course was excellent. The tutor got us working safely straight away, and then increased our awareness of Health & Safety as the course went on, rather than starting off with ALL of the H&S things you have to think about when working with metal & machinery & electricity & molten mild steel! Why does that matter - well, because arc welding & angle grinders chucking out sparks & the like can look very intimidating, and this was a great way to build confidence to work safely first, rather than spending a couple of hours on all the H&S considerations, which were brought in as we went along. The tutor always expected more of us, so we would get more out of the course - "Do it again" - so we did. I had had 1 introductory go at welding before, & been a bit timid with it - not after this. Strongly recommend.


Drawing with Steel course. June 2022

I attended the Drawing with steel workshop with Silvina Soria last weekend and would like to feedback that the workshop far exceeded my expectations. Silvina was extremely knowledgeable and very generous with sharing her knowledge, making sure the personal needs of each single participant was accurately met. I had no previous experience of MIG welding and I feel I was given in a short space of time enough guidance and practice to carry on building on newly acquired skills in my on time (in the near future) in open access studio sessions. I could not recommend highly enough this workshop led by the most professional, efficient and friendly teacher. "


Drawing with Steel course. May 2018

This was very interesting & enjoyable. All the attendees came away with intriguing artifacts & had a good trial with the techniques & skills involved. No one had done any welding & all got to grips with it. Also a friendly diverse bunch of people & Silvina was an excellent guide. Many thanks. 


Drawing with Steel course. December 2021

Excellent course with lots of one-to-one supervision and support. Recommended!


Jewellery making. Wax carving. October 2021

Silvina is a knowledgeable teacher with lots of patience. She can help you with specific techniques in jewelry making and guide you along as learn. It's a great experience to learn from her.

Art courses, creative and jewellery courses. No experience needed. Original gifts and moments to share with friends.