Secrets file or in other words, my new blog. This has been something always due to happen but honestly I couldn't commit to the constant pace of sitting in front of the computer and social media presence that requieres having a blog. You start knowing me... I prefer being creating, working in 3D in my atelier, enjoying my music, and ...I also like to travel a lot. 

In any case... here I go, giving myself a second chance and thinking about it differently. In fact, these 3 months of hard work putting together the website, taking and editing photos, formulating texts, have helped me to review my career, order all my production and create a good inventory. Not bad at all but yes, bear with me a little bit. 

If you have any questions or just want to contact me, email me at or text +44 790 1965603

The lost wax technique is a sculptural procedure that allows us to take a piece of wax to a metal. We design the piece and recreate it in the wax. We carve, excavate, we give the shape we have in mind and we leave it polished, as good as how we want to see it once it is in...