Lost Wax Technique


The lost wax technique is a sculptural procedure that allows us to take a piece of wax to a metal. We design the piece and recreate it in the wax. We carve, excavate, we give the shape we have in mind and we leave it polished, as good as how we want to see it once it is in metal. In this instance you can go to a foundry workshop or do it in your own workshop. In my case, I outsource this process. I send the piece in wax to a workshop where they will take out a plaster mold. Heat is then applied to that mold, and consequently the wax inside melts (hence the name lost wax technique), exposing the negative of the piece that I have carved. Then the metal is poured into the mold, the mold is broken and we will have our piece in the metal we choose. 

Now we take it back to the jeweler's bench where we will polish the metal, removing any marks it may have and voila! ready to use. 

If you want more than one copy, once your design is finished and shiny, you send it back to the workshop to get a silicone mold that will allow you to make numerous copies. 

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