It's never too late to start!


The good thing about the bad things that happen in life, is that they confront us, among various things, with our ability to reflect on freedom. It is now when we can exercise our freedom to choose how we look at the world and where do we make focus on. Either if we stay in the anecdote of what happens and let it exceeds us, or if we look forward with enthusiasm, we adapt and look for alternatives.

Now with more time spent in the workshop, thanks to COVID 19 ;), without so many trips, and at a time when everything is becoming virtual, I could not stay behind! Finally I have an online shop and a blog !! :) You see, anything can happen.

Therefore, I welcome you to my world ... of sun, fire, dust, files and designs, tweezers, sea, infinite horizons and wild nature. And I also invite you so that we can exchange our knowledge and discuss our concerns. Because of course, this is not a unilateral proposal, nor is it intended to be a monologue. I am inviting you to share with me and whoever wants to join!