Super creative Collage.

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Collage 2 or 3 dimensional: This technique is an invitation to think on the importance of recycling but also.... to have fun whilst creating. 

We can work on a paper, paperboard to create 2D works or we can use a box/ shoe box and create an aquarium, a rainforest, an own ecosystem, a mini scenario for toys... many options to choose really!

Materials that we need but we don't need them all, we get adapted to the materials that you have at home! : Shoebox, or paper or paperboard. Different types of paper, paint, glue, scissors, beans, crayons, dry pasta, newspapers, magazines, old pieces of fabric, old cloths that we can eventually use, wool, threads, wooden sticks, foil paper... and maybe children have even more ideas of possibilities. 

To redeem the voucher, please contact me and we set up the best time for your kids to create. Availability Monday to Friday. If you prefer on a Sunday, please don't hesitate to contact me. or +44 790 196 5603

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