Arty Party. Birthday's celebrations

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Being creatives at all time. 

And being careful during Covid time doesn't mean that we can not celebrate!

Specially in these days, it's important that we can offer kids a space where to express themselves and also to meet their friends beyond their school routine.

I have designed an online format for Arty Parties. One hour and fifteen minutes where I will talk about an artist, chosen by the brithday's girl or boy, and then children will produce their own piece of art inspired by the selected artist.

Please contact me for more information and to book a spot.

Options of artists but we can also let children to suggest the one that they prefer, even though if it is not in the list:

Picasso, Monet, Frida Kahlo, Miro, Henri Rousseau, Leonardo da Vinci, Henri Matisse, Cezzane, Sonia Delaunay, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Paul Klee...

Options of techniques: 

Decoupage, Painting with acrylics, Watercolour technique, Collage, Drawing sessions, Sculpture with clay. Any other idea? 

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions. or +44 790 196 5603. 

48.00 € 60.00 €